I like you-why the movie is one of a kind

If you wan to keep your life in a jovial mood, train your brains to have more information, and get people together-a movie will always do that. Movie is one way which unifies people together and makes the relationship between them together. There are several classifications of movies; actions, drama, comedies, romance, thriller and many others. I like you is one movie which you have to notice despite you having watched every other movies, or it should be the first one if you haven’t seen any. Reason?


When Jammie Heinrich was directing this movie, he had a picture of giving what it entails of a teenage life, experience of love and the very tribulations associated with love at this teenage age. It gives an open mind of what to expect and reminds those who have passed through that what it was all about. What makes ‘I like you movie become more of ‘something to watch’ it the honesty in the movie. You discover that some movies may give some aspects which may not be achievable and which appears unrealistic. A good movie gives of what is happening or what can happen to you, some days of your life. This love movie gives a touching heart of the journey of love on teenage age.



I like you movie can be classified under drama, romance, news and even trailer. You can imagine what it looks like. It has been directed by Jamie Heinrich, photography director Ryan Baker, co-directed by Whitmarsh Joseph and 9000 wolves did the production.


The journey of 2 different lives which faces unexpected twists and turns which we endure in our way to adulthood gives a clear perspective of this kind of a movie. This movie has of course its share of some problems but there aren’t any of them which are glaring to become detrimental to this love story or interfere with the film’s enjoyment. Ryan Baker gave it a gorgeous capture with the film having many of the most beautiful and memorable moments presented with some music to give it the full effect of an enticing movie. The music and images are so effective that you almost forget a music montage wrapped just few minutes ago. There is less distraction of the movie and you can give the very best concentration of what’s happening until the end of it.


I like you is without a doubt one of those movies’ kinds, unpolished but very lovely and with cast which appears to be partially amateurs, the movie is really giving stuff that will compete for screen space for some time to come.


I like you has a feature debut not just of the director and Benna-a star but seemingly of anyone else who is involved. And if you expected this trailer to give way to entire film- you are very much mistaken because it doesn’t. That is, besides the young romance couples, it has gone to some additional shooting and there is more to watch if you get a copy of this film-it’s simply one of the best.


Official website for I Like You movie. I Like You is a feature film directed and edited by Jamie Heinrich and written and co-directed by Joseph Whitmarsh. For more information please visit: http://www.ilikeyoumovie.com


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